Guerrilla Games Are Hiring For An Unannounced Multiplayer Game

A job offer from Guerrilla is looking for job profiles related to games as a service



How much Guerrilla Games’ image has improved in recent years. The Dutch studio based in Amsterdam has long been a subsidiary company of Sony PlayStation. Still, it was with Horizon: Zero Dawn that they took the leap forward they needed to position themselves as a reference. This success has led to them being involved in more significant projects, the best known of which is their ambitious sequel.

However, it seems that Guerrilla has more in the pipeline. A few weeks ago, we learned of a job offer that suggested they are involved in new developments with external studios, but now a new offer points to an unannounced multiplayer game.

It’s been posted on the studio’s official website. It specifies that they are looking for a QA lead for this project, who would need to have experience in multiplayer and games-as-a-service. There aren’t many other clues as to the identity of this game, although the fact that they say it’s unannounced makes us think it’s something that hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, which would rule out a possible online component to the Horizon franchise.

While we wait to find out more, the next title from the team within PlayStation Studios is Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel to Zero Dawn. With it, Guerrilla will be aiming for an even more elaborate and detailed open-world game, with a strong focus on more lethal enemies and a total of up to 25 new machines that will complicate our journey.

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