Sandra Bullock Denies Having A Role In Sony’s Spider-Man Universe [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Sandra Bullock reacts to Spider-Man casting rumours – is she really Madame Web?



The actress has responded to internet whispers that Sandra Bullock is being considered for the role of Madame Web in Sony’s Spider-Man universe on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Sandra Bullock responded to a question from the presenter:

“I don’t think I’m Marvel material”.

She continues to claim that she has no connection to Marvel and really doesn’t know what Kimmel is talking about. Kimmel joked with the actress that he has to ask the questions, as he really has to press her guests, and has a long list of actors who have lied to her over the years about whether or not they would be in upcoming Marvel movies.

While all this may be true, the Bird Box star was still shining brightly with confusion, and while there was no denying his acting ability, as Kimmel described the character of Madame Web, it was clear that he had no idea what he was talking about, and indeed not how extreme fan theories on the internet have become.

At first, she didn’t really understand what kind of character she was meant to play. “Who did they say I would be? His grandmother or something?” Kimmel described Madame Web, to which Bullock asked, “Why was I not hired for this? What happened to the talks? I need to know. Because I think I would be amazing with the psychic-ness of this”.

Although Sony’s Spider-Man universe isn’t quite the Marvel Universe, recent developments in Marvel’s timeline mean that they are now connected in a way that would have seemed untenable when Disney and Sony’s negotiations to use Spider-Man in the MCU broke down, threatening everything the two studios had built around Marvel’s most iconic and profitable characters. Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and the Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene revealed that the boundaries between the universes had been all but erased, something that had been hinted at for months, including by Sony chief Sanford Panitch in a recent interview.

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