Capcom To Focus On Street Fighter Franchise Future

Luke will a huge affect on the Street Fighter franchise, says the developer company Capcom, adding the company focusing on future projects.



Street Fighter V was the last excuse for combat lovers to get behind the controls and perfect their moves. And the developer company Capcom has not missed out on updates, with new characters and even charity events. However, after being launched back in 2016, the developer is starting to look to the future of the franchise and has already dropped statements that point to upcoming projects.

The title has recently presented the contents of its fall update, which highlights the addition of Luke to the roster of fighters. However, this addition will complete the batch of playable characters, so the development team has not hesitated to pave the way to give us news later: “Although this is the end of the digital events of Street Fighter V, this is more a ‘see you soon’ than a ‘goodbye’. We hope to give you more information next year!”.

After all, the importance of Luke in the future of the franchise had already been pointed out during the last show, as producer Shuhei Matsumoto commented: “Luke is an important character who will appear in the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you’ll try him when he debuts in Street Fighter V!”. Obviously, they have not given any confirmation regarding an alleged Street Fighter 6, but Capcom opens the window to new initiatives for the series.

Therefore, we have to wait to know the plans of the developer. There is some uncertainty about the future of Street Fighter after the departure of Yoshinori Ono, who worked at Capcom for 30 years, Polygon says. Despite this, it is clear that the latest installment has given much to the gamers, especially with its online section.

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