Martha Is Dead: The Italian Game Wasn’t Safe From A Delay Either [VIDEO]

LKA and Caracal Games won’t release the first-person thriller Martha Is Dead in 2021, but seeing how many games have pushed themselves over to next year, what can another delay mean to us? Not much; we got used to it over the past few months.



LKA and Caracal are working together on Martha Is Dead, whose publisher will be Wired Productions. But they won’t release the game this year, according to the PlayStation Blog announcement. Speaking of the PS Blog, you don’t have to guess much what the rest of the post is about: if you thought the PlayStation 5 features and the DualSense controller, you would be correct…

“The immersive features of the DualSense controller provided potent new ways to pull players into this psychological experience. For example, in moments of increased tension and fear, players feel the heightened heartbeat of the protagonist. Players can also feel the difference in the character’s footfalls across different terrain.

We aimed to help players feel Giulia’s movement and emotions as she explores and searches for clues. The resistance of the adaptive triggers lets us draw players further into the dark world. For example, taking pictures with the protagonist’s vintage 1940s camera feels more tactical, thanks to the triggers. It is vital, as photography plays a core role in unravelling the prevailing mystery of Martha Is Dead,” the post reads about the thriller set in the middle of the Second World War (in 1944, and Italy no less).

Martha Is Dead isn’t going to launch this year, but the video below showcases the release date, which is now February 24 (meaning your wallet will likely cry, as that month is stacked with several high-profile titles!). The target platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech


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