Fan HD Remaster Of Resident Evil 4 Has A Release Date

Eight years in the making, the Spanish Resident Evil 4 HD project will soon be available on PC, for free, of course.



Resident Evil 4 is an icon of the survival horror genre, so it’s no great sacrifice to return to it from time to time. In fact, some Spanish users have gone even further: they have set out to remaster the game in its entirety. Thanks to their regular updates, the project has now gained considerable community interest and support. The developers recently announced that their work is coming to an end, and with it, the release date is getting closer.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project will be released for free on PC on 2 February 2022.

Taking this opportunity, the remaster’s creators have shared more details about the graphical changes to the game, as you can read on the project’s website.

Thus, the developers guarantee an HD-quality restored adventure and cinematics without touching so much of the classic aspects of the gameplay in this release and include the possibility of configuring graphical settings such as FOV. They also detail in their announcement all the bugs that have been fixed in version 1.0, which they have been working on for eight years.

So it seems that we are getting more and more excuses to return to this famous game, as last month Capcom made this year’s Halloween more memorable with Resident Evil 4 VR. It’s a big success for the company, as it ended up being the best-selling game in the history of Meta Quest – aka Oculus Quest. But the developers’ work doesn’t stop there, as they plan to celebrate this success with a new free mod to be released in 2022.

Source: RE4HD

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