New GTA: The Trilogy Mod Comes With 4K Textures And A Major Facelift

The artist’s goal with the project, which is still very much in development, is to make GTA: The Trilogy’s most common textures.



GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was sadly not the comeback fans were hoping for: it doesn’t quite live up to the legend it represents. The collection of three iconic games received somewhat controversial reviews due to some glaring flaws, which the studio seems to be slowly but surely fixing with content updates.



However, modders have arrived before the developers to fix some of these bugs, but as is a tradition in the community, modders are not content to just fix the problems. VGC has shared the work of nigeez, who has put together a mod package for the GTA Collection called GTA SA Project Texture Overhaul.

The kit, created by this modder, consists of 85 brand new textures that replace the most commonly used textures in the games. Among them are new textures for main roads, 4K resolution asphalt textures, San Fierro and Los Santos environments to change the appearance of tiles, dirt, rock or mud.



In the mod description, which can be found on the Nexus Mods page, the modder admits that his intention is not to change all the textures in the game but to improve those that might draw our attention while playing. He also warns that this is a work in progress, so that you may encounter problems. 90% of the textures in the mod are 4K, although this will change in the future to reduce the size of the mod. Looking at the images, one thing is for sure; the new version is significantly more visual than what Rockstar managed to achieve with GTA: The Trilogy remaster release.

Source: VGC

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