PlayStation To Patent A Controller For Mobile Devices

TECH NEWS – PlayStation has already interested in exploring the iOS and Android markets with some of its franchises.



PlayStation had its best summer ever this year after selling 13.4 million PS5 consoles. However, beyond Sony’s next-generation hardware, the company has admitted it is keen to explore the mobile device market, bringing some franchises to iOS and Android.

The growing interest in the mobile market may justify this new patent, reported by VGC and published this week by SIE’s Japan division. It envisages a gaming system for mobile devices in which two side grips, similar to the DualShock 4, would allow the integration of a display device. Interestingly, the controller’s grips are more identical to the type mentioned above than to the recently released DualSense.

According to the patent description, the peripheral “consists of a left grip part and a right grip part for the left and right hand of the user”. While PlayStation controllers are already compatible with mobile devices via Bluetooth, this system would provide a more convenient way to play games and integrate the device’s screen better.

It’s worth noting that, as usual, the patent registration is no guarantee that this project will eventually see the light of day. Still, it allows us to observe some of the company’s projects through feasibility studies. A few days ago, we also learned about a patent for a PS5 system that would allow switching applications without exiting the game. There was also news of interchangeable cases with different customisation options.

Source: VGC

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