GTA 6: Rockstar Games Co-Founder Gives His Prediction For The New Installment [VIDEO]

Jamie King believes the makers of GTA will do something different with the new instalment



Will the tone of the Grand Theft Auto VI change? The game remains an official mystery, but it doesn’t stop press speculation about the future of one of the industry’s most profitable franchises. Thus, Jamie King, co-founder of Rockstar Games, has shown in a recent interview his conviction that GTA 6 will offer something different from the latest instalments of the series.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the tone starts changing, and if it’s maybe not quite as edgy or quite as funny,” said King. “I just think maybe there’s more opportunity for them to do something cheesy, cause they never do. Maybe not, right? Again, there’s a beautiful machine there that you’d have to try really hard to f**k up, to screw up. I just look at the success of GTA 5, GTA Online, and Red Dead Redemption 2, and I think that there just going to be fine. But I think culturally, internally, both at Rockstar North and Rockstar New York, they are missing Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser. Yeah, there’s a difference, for sure” he added.

It’s worth remembering that Jamie King left Rockstar in 2006, so his statements should not be seen as inside information from the company.

Dan Houser announced his departure from Rockstar Games last February 2020. It was one of the news of the year. We’re talking about one of the thinking minds behind the series, one of the people most responsible for the success of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. King believes that his departure will inevitably lead to changes in the vision for Grand Theft Auto 6.

There is still a long way to go before we see Grand Theft Auto VI on the market. In this sense, information from insider Tom Henderson corroborated by journalist Jason Schreier and other portals such as VGC places the release of the expected action video game in the middle of this decade, betting on a somewhat more modest map compared to previous releases, but with the ability to expand later.

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