Bethesda Talks About Starfield And Its Differences To Skyrim [VIDEO]

Bethesda releases the first instalment of a new development diary on Starfield’s ambitions



A few days ago, Bethesda made it clear that they have a clear timetable for the release of Starfield news, and today we have proof of that with the release of the first instalment of a development diary in which several senior members of the team now owned by Xbox Game Studios talk about the ambitions, passions and history that have shaped the studio and the space RPG.

It’s seven minutes of video that touches on many topics, including how it differs from previous productions from the fathers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. “Starfield has a more realistic and scientific background, whereas Skyrim is an epic fantasy,” says Matt Carofano, art director on the project. “This game and this setting is more reality-based over exploration, and I think that gives us another perspective on how to do everything. So that’s something you hold on to when we’re creating new areas, environments and characters,” he adds.

But there are similarities. I think it’s about things that we like. We like playing in first person, we like getting all the cups. We like to be able to touch everything. I think those moments make everything believable,” added Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda. “Watching the sun go down and it gets dark, and just sitting back and watching the world go by doesn’t feel like part of the game,” he adds as an example.

The development diary goes into more detail about the creation of this title and the passion of its creators. In addition, a few days ago, they also shared the first track from the Starfield soundtrack. Starfield will hit shops on 11 November 2022 for PC and Xbox X Series X|S.

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