A Big Blow For Battlefield 2042: 70 Percent Of Players Quit Two Weeks After Launch

Battlefield 2042 also received some really negative reviews, ranking as the worst game in the franchise.



Battlefield 2042 continues to plummet. Following the resignation of the lead developer (who has now been confirmed in his new role at Ubisoft) and some of the worst reviews in the franchise’s history, there’s no doubt that the war shooter got off to an abysmal start. What’s more, it seems that this bad luck continues to haunt the game, with 70% of users leaving the battlefield since its launch two weeks ago.

In the last 24 hours, the maximum number of concurrent players was 30 900, far below the nearly 105 400 recorded at the peak.

This decline is apparent in SteamDB data and graphs, which show a maximum of 30,900 concurrent players in the last 24 hours, well below the nearly 105,400 recorded at the peak. In this sense, a 70% drop in the number of users entering the battlefield is clearly visible.

Unfortunately, users are put off by the many bugs and problems that make the experience of playing the game so unpleasant that it is one of the lowest-rated titles on Steam. That said, EA is optimistic about its new FPS, claiming that it has almost doubled the number of users of previous instalments in the franchise – although this information was given without giving any specific figures.

Be that as it may, Battlefield 2042 is not yet able to live up to the community’s expectations. It seems that players have turned their eyes away from the game, as Battlefield 2042’s downfall could not be more complete: it is currently behind Farming Simulator 22 in terms of player numbers

Source: SteamDB

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