Bioware Celebrates Dragon Age Day With Live Events, Giveaways and Stories Set in the World of Dragon Age

Dragon Age Day was held for the fourth time, but this year’s celebration was more eventful than ever for BioWare and its community.



BioWare’s epic RPG saga, Dragon Age, has been wowing fantasy game fans for over a decade, but role-playing fans have been waiting for the fourth instalment of the franchise since the great but not so recently released Dragon Age: Inquisition, which, while still a long time coming, promises to be a significant step forward.

BioWare wanted to celebrate Dragon Age Day with these loyal fans. Yesterday, 4 December, was the fourth annual Dragon Age Day, and the studio has planned several activities with players. The day included sharing original fan art on social media, new merchandise and gift card prizes – all you had to do to enter was tag your posts with the hashtag #BioWareGiveaway.

The Dragon Age fan group that initially started the day’s celebrations also hosted events, with a charity fair of fan-made creations and a full day of Twitch live streaming, videos and more. Apex Legends also joined the celebration with a Dragon Age Highlands Shatterer-themed weapon amulet. If you’re an EA Play member, you can pick it up between 2 December 2021 and 4 January 2022.

The Dragon Age Day team has released a list of activities, including writing challenges, art, memes, and various videos that offer a glimpse into the Dragon Age community. This year, a question was posed to fans:

“Who is your favourite Dragon Age companion/character, and why?”

You can answer the question and see the complete list of activities on the official website.

BioWare wanted to shorten the wait for Dragon Age 4 a bit by releasing two short stories written by the game’s team. “You Won’t Know When,” tells the story of two Grey Wardens, while “The Eternal Flame” introduces us to a pair of necromancers who torment a struggling resident of the Great Necropolis.

Source: Dragon Age Day 2021, EA Games

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