Arcane Brings Silco To TFT: He Will Be The First Non-LOL Character In The Game

Riot Games suggests that the boss of the underground city may not be the only outsider coming to TFT thanks to Arcane.



Arcane, Riot Games’ animated series based on the League of Legends video game, is proving to be a huge success, has received excellent reviews (including from us, see here) and is already in production on its second season. One of the series’ strongest points is its compelling characters, with well-developed backstories and multi-faceted, complex personalities.

Of the diverse cast, Silco stands out as one of the most important characters in the story, the captain of the underground city, and is presented as a cunning and ruthless villain with fairly clear goals. Riot Games has confirmed that Silco will join Teamfight Tactics in February 2022, during the Tidbits and Gadgets mid-set update.

This will be the first time Teamfight Tactics will get a character exclusive, as the game’s character roster has so far consisted solely of League of Legends champions. Riot Games acknowledged that this was a challenge, both because of the character’s origins in the animated series and the skills he excels at.

“Silco is not in LOL, so we had to create him from scratch,” Riot Games said.

“Creating a character as sinister and powerful as Silco was no easy task. However, power doesn’t necessarily belong to the strongest, fastest or smartest, but to those with well thought out plans,” Riot Games noted. The company did not share any details about Silco’s equipment, although they stressed that he would be “fighting smart”. He is the first non-LOL character to join TFT, though Riot Game hinted that he wouldn’t be the only outsider to arrive. “There may even be individuals from outside Runeterra joining.” Meanwhile, Riot Games continues to expand its universe with exciting new projects such as the recently released Ruined King.

Source: Riot Games

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