A Significant Name Departs Respawn Entertainment

This person has spent eleven years at the Respawn Entertainment studio (which he co-founded), and before that, he also had involvement in Call of Duty.


Chad Grenier has been neck-deep into Respawn’s games, and on the studio’s website, we can read his departing message. As he had a pivotal role in creating Titanfall and Apex Legends (the latter of which he was its head), a significant person is leaving the Vince Zampella-led studio. (Meanwhile, Zampella is now responsible for the Battlefield franchise on top of DICE Los Angeles, too.)

“Few words can elegantly describe my 11 years at Respawn. After helping to co-found the studio, bring the Titanfall universe to life, and launch the incredible experiment that is Apex Legends – it’s been an unforgettable ride. But today, this crazy chapter comes to an end.

Apex Legends is in great hands, and I feel like I can walk away knowing this game and community will continue to be taken care of. We’ve got years worth of content in flight, and I can’t think of anyone better than Steven Ferreira to take over as the game director and make sure it’s done right.

Steven joined as a lead on the Apex Legends team shortly after launch in June 2019, where he’s been running half of the team and serving as my right hand for the other half. At Respawn, we’ve always believed that new leadership and new team members mean new ideas, new energy, and innovations. This couldn’t be a more accurate statement to describe Steven’s many contributions over the years,” Grenier wrote.

We don’t know about Grenier’s plans yet, but one comment on PlayStation LifeStyle brought up an exciting idea. Sony should hire him to work on rebooting Resistance. It’s a long-forgotten franchise, with its last game on PlayStation Vita. Jim Ryan wouldn’t have to spend a ton of cash on developing a new IP, but Insomniac Games is now developing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine…

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