World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022: Make Arnold Schwarzenegger Your Tank Commander! [VIDEO]

“Come with me if you want to win!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes commander in World of Tanks. If you want to know how the celebrated action hero becomes Tank Commander and how you can get missions from Arnie, read on!



Ahead of the most magical event in World of Tanks, as a sort of Santa Claus gift, the developers have revealed more details about this year’s Holiday Ops – this time under the command of Arnold Schwarzenegger! Starting on December 9, 2021, and running until January 10, 2022, Holiday Ops 2022 will offer players traditional recreation, an enticing decorating mission and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have Arnie himself as their tank commander! Now, here are the details.

It all starts in the garage. Here, players will immediately receive their first gift (a brand new T3 Convertible, a Tier III Premium American Medium Tank) and receive special missions from Arnie. A new mission will become available every day, with 32 missions to complete in total. After the 27th of these, the player will receive Arnold Schwarzenegger as their commander. This is the only way to recruit the action hero, who will arrive with a character dubbed by the star, featuring some of Arnold’s most iconic phrases! In addition, Arnold comes with three abilities (Sixth Sense, Repair, and Brothers in Arms as the zero perk).

Small Boxes and Holiday Stamps are awarded for each successful mission. Small Boxes contain shards for players to make Standard and Large Decorations in the Decorator. This year, Standard Decorations will be of equal value, some of which will reference Arnold’s acting career as an easter egg. The more decorations, the more “Festive Atmosphere” points and the higher this level. Holiday Post allows players to send packages to their friends with Small Boxes by accumulating Holiday Stamps. Their generosity pays off: exchanging these parcels guarantees special rewards for the sender.

“World of Tanks proves better than anything else that nothing is beyond reach for a person who has the desire, determination, and dexterity to get it,” says World of Tanks Ambassador Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“So, start your engines, commanders, and don’t miss a moment of Holiday Ops 2022!”

“We are happy beyond measure that Arnold Schwarzenegger joined this year’s World of Tanks Holiday Ops. Needless to say, it’s been the cherished dream of our players for years!” said Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks Publishing Director. “Enjoy Holiday Ops 2022 hosted by the invincible Arnold and grab your chance to recruit the greatest action hero as a commander!”

The icing on the cake is that the event will accompany a memorable soundtrack to get players in the right cheerful mood.

Source: World of Tanks

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