More Than €1,250,000 Has Been Raised For The New GameCube Controller In Just One Week! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – A successful Kickstarter campaign has unveiled a customisable controller for Nintendo Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii and WiiU.



The Nintendo GameCube is a favourite home console for many gamers, running some of the company’s best-loved games and spawning big titles such as Metroid Prime. Notable industry figures such as Phil Spencer have not hesitated to express their love for it by choosing their favourite video game, but without doubt, one of its most memorable features was the original controller.

The GameCube controller had several quirks that made it particularly beloved by the Super Smash Bros community, and it has stood the test of time in subsequent re-releases for the WiiU and Nintendo Switch. However, a company called Panda decided to go one step further with their own reimagining of the iconic controller.

With additional buttons and customisable features

The Panda Controller was unveiled in a successful Kickstarter campaign as a customisable controller compatible with Nintendo Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii and WiiU. In addition to the classic Nintendo design, the controller features some enhancements such as a deep detachable USB-C cable, detachable and convertible magnetic housings and additional buttons.

The original target for the campaign was €88,568, which now seems ridiculous compared to the more than €1,250,000 raised in just one week, thanks to nearly 11,000 backers. The controller will cost €80, will arrive in December 2022, and although the campaign is still 22 days away, this crowdfunding is already a success.

Source: Kickstarter

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