Ubisoft Withdraws Its Announcement Video For Quartz NFT [VIDEO]

Fewer than 5% of viewers liked the video revealing the Ubisoft quartz platform



Ubisoft’s NFT announcement video, a concept called Ubisoft Quartz, no longer appears on the creator’s Youtube channel. The reception from users was very negative to the point that the teaser trailer posted on YouTube received a wave of dislikes, and the company has hidden it to avoid a barrage of criticism.  The video is still accessible if you know its address, for example, it is available at the bottom of this article.

Ubisoft has been criticized for spending money on the application of NFT to video games rather than creating quality games or optimizing its existing games. Others see the arrival of NFTs in video games as harmful and dangerous as a new and more exclusive form of loot. Ubisoft has called its NFTs Digits, the first of which will be available this month for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The decision to remove it has led to a decrease in reactions, although it has not prevented the players’ judgment in possession of the link. With more than 23,000 interactions, the number of dislikes is over 22,000, which means that only around 4% have enjoyed the content.

Ubisoft Quartz will open the door to NFT cosmetic items, i.e. digital items with a certificate of exclusivity. These are weapons, outfits and other content that will belong to the user who buys them. Digits “represent unique, playable and collectable items from Ubisoft’s game worlds,” as announced in the press release. “Each Digit is accompanied by a certificate of ownership stored on the blockchain”.


Source: guiltybit

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