Epic’s App Store Win Against Apple Is On Hold

Apple will not implement changes to its App Store until the appeals in its lawsuit with Epic Games are concluded



After Apple banned Fortnite from the App Store in August 2020, there is a new update on the Epic Games vs Apple case,  now that the trial is over. We have information about Apple’s refusal to make the required changes. It’s all about an approval Apple received to delay the required changes to the App Store following the Epic Games lawsuit.

The changes include the option to allow developers to link external payment options to Apple’s app shop. A US appeals court on Wednesday stayed enforcement of an injunction against Apple. That action could have forced the company to allow links and buttons to payment methods outside the App Store.

The appeals of the Epic Games lawsuit to the Ninth Circuit court came after Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers rejected the company’s request to delay the implementation of the changes.

Apple argued that implementing the changes would be “unduly complicated” and would take months to resolve engineering issues related to the trial rulings. Practically in the document, they point out that while Apple did not violate any antitrust laws against Epic Games, it did violate California’s “unfair competition” laws.

The order was issued in September following a lengthy antitrust lawsuit brought by Fortnite creator Epic Games earlier this year. It demanded that Apple allow developers to connect to an external payment system, omitting Apple’s in-app payment system as it charges fees. In fact, Apple charges a 15% to 30% tax on all in-app payments. That’s why Epic sued in August 2020.

While Apple may not have to make the changes to its App Store in a few days, it will have to abide by the court order allowing developers to contact their users. This new developer-user communication, which Apple must allow, offers alternative payment options outside of apps.

The appeals court decision – which was largely favourable to Apple – means the iPhone maker will not have to make the changes. This will be the situation while the appeal, which could take up to two years over the Epic Games ruling, is ongoing.

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