Peter Molyneux Is Working On A New Game, Building On A New Trend! [VIDEO]

We did not plan to talk about his former studio (Lionhead) and Molyneux in the news on the same day!


Molyneux has been the creator of several excellent games in the past. The names speak for themselves: Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Fable… it’s true that, especially in the case of the Fable series, it was typical for the British game designer to promise the stars, but not everything he said about his games at the time came true.

After leaving Lionhead, Molyneux set up 22cans (Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?, Godus, Godus Wars, The Trail: Frontier Challenge), and now, he’s up to something once again: Legacy will be a game that will use blockchain and have players buying NFTs in a business simulator environment. Speaking at Gala Games’ event in Las Vegas, Galaverse, Molyneux detailed how the cryptocurrency-based video game genre influenced the development of Legacy.

Gala Games approached him about having blockchain in Legacy, and since it was already in development, it quickly made its way into Molyneux’s game. In a blog post, Molyneux detailed how it works. Since it’s a business simulation, you have to create products from thousands of parts, which your workforce will make, and then, you can trade them on the open market. The goal is to get to the top of that market, but you have to buy a territorial/Land NFT at the start. All transactions will be done with the LegacyCoin cryptocurrency on the Etherium blockchain.

So Molyneux is on board with this trend, which Electronic Arts openly supports. Ubisoft has already launched its platform, Quartz (which we reported on over the weekend due to hostile reception). Microsoft wants nothing to do with NFTs on the Xbox platform, and Valve has banned such games from Steam. The question is, will the king of the bar set too high not fail with Legacy?

Source: VG247

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