Was Rockstar Preparing For The Game Awards With Bully 2?

Rumours of a sequel to Bully (which was released under a different name on PS2 in Europe), which has been around for a decade and a half, are heard almost every year. Maybe Rockstar is doing something with the franchise, maybe not.


Have we gone back in time? In 2019, there were frequent rumours of a second instalment of Bully. At the time, there were also rumours that Rockstar was planning to include it in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series launch line-ups. Still, there were rumours of Grand Theft Auto VI (which was about time since Grand Theft Auto V was released eight years ago and is now getting another re-release); it’s not silly to think that Rockstar Games would instead focus on the new GTA.

Tom Henderson wrote on Twitter, “Bully 2 was expected as a potential surprise reveal at The Game Awards last week after some people have been shown some material alluding to a reveal soon. Information is a bit blurry at the moment, and I have to be quite vague here, but if I hear more, I will report on it. Some people saw a “Playable version” just a couple of weeks before The Game Awards (not the canned version). As I said, information is blurry at the moment, but I thought it was worth reporting on as there’s something definitely “going on” to do with the series.” Can it be a series if only one episode and several ports have been released so far?

Blake Hester, an associate editor of Game Informer, recently had a veiled reference to Bully 2 on the ResetEra forum, saying that some report could be coming in a week or two, and a colleague tried to calm the mood. Then it might end up being just that Bully 2 is in the same situation as Agent: it doesn’t exist. It’s been abandoned, period…

Until then, you can pick up the first part, which we wrote about in more detail here.

Source: WCCFTech

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