Ben Affleck Thinks George Clooney Could Return As Batman In The Flash [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will co-star as two generations of Batman in The Flash, but could someone else be in the mix…?



It seems DC’s The Flash doesn’t want to miss out on the Marvel-created multiverse craze either: they’re preparing for a superhero collaboration in next year’s Flash movie. Although we already know that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will be donning the bat suit in the film, Affleck has now ruffled feathers a little further by suggesting that fellow Batman actor George Clooney could be in the movie. However, he has yet to see any evidence of this.

George Clooney was the last actor to play Batman in the series of films that brought the Dark Knight to the big screen in the Michael Keaton-starring, Tim Burton-directed Batman and Batman Returns. After Keaton, Val Kilmer took over the role in Batman Forever, only to be replaced by Clooney in Batman and Robin, which many say almost killed the Batman franchise after the superhero movie degenerated into a boring, and at times downright embarrassing, a parody of itself. After the 1997 premiere, Batman never returned to the big screen until Chris Nolan redefined the character in 2005’s Batman Begins and set the stage for post-millennium dumping of superhero movies with a much darker, more serious trilogy.

Since then, we’ve seen Ben Affleck in the iconic role, and now the latest The Batman reboot starring Robert Pattinson is in the works. So, Batman is more popular than ever; does Warner Bros. really want to remind fans of the Dark Knight’s darkest hour by bringing Clooney back for a cameo?

Affleck spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the possibility of another Batman behind The Flash. When it came to his appearance in the film, Affleck suggested that while he doesn’t believe George Clooney will appear in the movie, the filming was so secretive that he never actually saw Michael Keaton so that it could have been Clooney. Affleck said:

“He definitely would blow it.”

“Which is why I can tell you now, I don’t believe he is [in the movie]. If he is, he hasn’t told me, so maybe he thinks I’d blow it. It’s possible. He may be very guarded. As far as I know, he didn’t want to return to that height of cowl ears, but I don’t believe he’s in The Flash. But I didn’t even see Michael Keaton.”

Although fans will be manufacturing various theories until the film’s release next year, it seems unlikely that other former Batman stars will be involved in the story, which at its heart seems to be that The Flash will cause the death of at least one of the two known versions of Batman. Since Affleck didn’t work with Keaton directly on the set of The Flash, it’s unlikely that we’ll see them together in the film either.

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