King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – More Action In The New PvP Mode! [VIDEO]

The new game mode for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, developed by Hungarian Neocore Games, comes with many valuable features in the early access update.



King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, a promising tactical RPG that presents a dark interpretation of the Arthurian mythos, has been adding new content to its Early Access Update for a year now. Version 1.0 of Neocore Games’ game will be released on February 15, 2022, but in the meantime, the game has been updated with some interesting new features, such as the newly released PVP combat mode.

Now, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has unveiled its latest big update for December, accompanied by a trailer showing some of the new features. Now available to download on Steam, here are some of the features and changes:

  • New optional PvP game modes
  • Campaign Act 1 redesign
  • Redesigned adventure map
  • Redesigned Camelot management with new building mechanics and improvements
  • New skills and items

PVP has a wealth of new tactical options

Players will be able to fight against each other in teams of four knights. This is achieved with a new multiplayer mode in the main menu, from which you can search for or create a match. You’ll also be able to invite friends to games from your Steam friends list. We will have different options for time limiting rounds and will be able to fight on three maps.

Among the changes in the update is that we’ll be facing a much more difficult boss in Act 1, thanks to revised mechanics, changes to the skill balance, and even some wholly redesigned abilities. For a complete list of changes to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, check out the patch notes posted on Steam, or watch the Developer’s Diary video below.

Source: Steam

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