Ethan Hawke’s Horribly Cruel Acceptance of the Lead Role in Black Phone

MOVIE NEWS – Ethan Hawke originally refused to accept the lead role in The Black Phone because it’s about a psychotic child killer who terrorizes a small town, and the actor didn’t like the extremely negative character.


The film is based on a short story by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King. In any case, The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson has sent the script to the reluctant Hawke, with whom he is good friends, having made the horror film Sinister together nine years ago. That night, Hawke left a message on the director’s phone. “He said in a wailing voice that I’m going to kill you and it’s going to hurt,” Derrrickson told Total Film. – That line was in the script, and that’s how he let me know he’d take the part.”

Hawke changed his mind because he thought about the brilliant performance Jack Nicholson gave in The Shining, because he dared to show the madness and the dark side of his soul.

(The Black Phone – domestic release: 23 June 2022)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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