Star Wars: Eclipse Already Encountering Development Issues? [VIDEO]

We do not hear good rumours about Quantic Dream’s Star Wars: Eclipse game: David Cage’s team may have already hit a wall.


The game was officially announced at The Game Awards almost three weeks ago, confirming that LucasFilm Games is licensing Star Wars to several developers (and Electronic Arts has lost the exclusivity after roughly five years). Although we had heard rumours that Cage was working on the Star Wars licence, worse things are emerging as rumours…

Quantic Dream, sadly known for its sexual harassment, is said to be struggling with the multiplayer aspect of the game, and this is compounded by their engine, which is not designed to handle many players or NPCs at once, according to Tom Henderson in a video about the game. Henderson has previously said that the game is still a long way off!

Not one and a half to two years: the insider said that the game is at least four years away from release. The project, formerly called Project Karma, was rejected by Sony in the past so that the French team could concentrate on developing Detroit: Become Human. The Cage team later pitched a concept for a similar interplanetary adventure game to LucasFilm Games, using the same assets. The Disney gang agreed, and although Star Wars: Eclipse has been in development for a year and a half, there is still no playable version!

However, because of the harassment cases, Quantic Dream has another problem: they are having trouble finding people to work for them. The Paris-based studio is finding it hard to sell itself, as the revenue from this could be used to develop its engine (although we recall that NetEase, a Chinese tech giant, seems to have thrown a lot of money at Cage as an investment…).

It all sounds terrible, to put it mildly. And in case you’re wondering what Star Wars: Eclipse is, we’ve embedded a video of it being shown at The Game Awards.

Source: PSL

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