Two Games To Come From The French Far-Right Presidential Candidate?

Eric Zemmour has openly said that he wants to include games in his marketing campaign for the digital world and young people.


This move could be quite a big step if he is not talking about simple HTML5-based (browser) games, as Eric Zemmour wants to become President of France. An article on the far-right politician’s strategy has been published in Le Parisien, where several possible avenues are discussed. One of them would be the possibility of video games about him, and Zemmour wants to reach the younger generation (because it’s not that common for older audiences to play games).

The former television presenter is already hooked on online platforms, including YouTube and social media. He plans to use various apps as part of his election campaign and expects to release two video games in early 2022. According to his campaign manager, they will be fun experiences that gamers can share with their families and possibly persuade them to vote…

Eric Zemmour’s approach to politics may be similar to Donald Trump’s, and he may adopt a digital strategy identical to that of the former US president (although Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter, so he had to create his platform), and, according to people close to the French presidential candidate, it could be about taking action against fake news about him in this form (too?).

If the quality of the games is going to be fair (we wonder if it will be more than just two iOS/Android apps!), then (at least in this respect) Zemmour’s move is a daring one. It is a bold idea, whatever the politician’s views are. Eric Zemmour is more to the right on the political palette. If you thought Marine Le Pen, the head of National Rally (a right-wing French party), was far-right…

Source: JVL

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