Final Fantasy XIV Fans Threaten To Abandon The Game If Square Enix Introduces NFTs

The online forums for the Final Fantasy MMO exploded with angry comments after Square Enix’s announcement.



Players of Final Fantasy XIV have not started 2022 with the best of attitudes. After Square Enix announced the studio’s interest in NFTs and blockchain technology, fans on several forums of the popular online game, including the title’s subreddit, voiced their concerns. Some have even threatened to quit the game altogether if the company doesn’t change its mind on the issue.

Square Enix is not the only studio concerned about NFT technology

Among the many complaints and other comments, some took the situation with a sense of humour, with one user commenting that he would have a lot more free time if NFTs were included in the game. Another user mentioned that Square Enix only made this announcement to end the recent overcrowding in the game: with the addition of NFTs, many players would leave.

Square Enix is not alone in this movement, as several studios have already started to embrace this current trend. SEGA, for example, has announced that it will be selling digital content from summer 2021, and others such as Ubisoft have shared their enthusiasm for blockchain technology and how it could change the way we play games. Even developers such as the producer of Nier have looked favourably at this change in the industry.

Final Fantasy XIV is a very successful MMORPG that has surpassed 25 million players and has become the most profitable game in the entire series for Square Enix. Its most recent update, Endwalker, featured 30% more story and cinematics than the Shadowbringers expansion and capped off 11 years of history with a bang.

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