Halo Infinite News: Marcus Lehto Praises The Game, Aaron Linde Leaves The Company

Halo’s co-creator says the Halo Infinite campaign will bring back the “magic” of the franchise and congratulates the writers; Aaron Linde, however, is apparently leaving the company to “pursue new opportunities.”



If we don’t hear much about him connected to Halo Infinite, fans of the franchise will probably recognize the name of Marcus Lehto, a former Bungie employee who has been involved in the development of several Halo games. Now working at EA as the head of the new development team in Seattle, he hasn’t completely broken away from the Master Chief world. In that regard, he acknowledged Halo and Bungie’s impact on Disintegration (which didn’t do very well) and continues to admire 343 Industries’ work from a gamer’s perspective.

“Halo Infinite’s campaign brings back the magic of Halo” – Marcus Lehto

Less than a month has passed since the release of Halo Infinite’s campaign, and there are still users who admire 343 Industries’ ideas. This brings us to Lehto, who has joined the wave and publicly congratulated the developers of Master Chief’s latest adventure: “Hats off to my friends at 343. Halo Infinite campaign brings back the magic of Halo. Really enjoying my time back with the Chief!”

In the end, Halo Infinite has managed to meet the high expectations of the audience eager to see Master Chief again. Although the title’s development had some very threatening ups and downs, the end result seems to have captivated all nostalgic Halo fans.


Aaron Linde says goodbye to 343 Industries


Even though Halo Infinite’s campaign has been available for a month now, the multiplayer still has a lot in store. All we know for now is that the first official event is coming in the next few days, and it’s possible that 343 Industries will surprise us with more gameplay modes hidden in the archives. However, not all developers will continue on the Master Chief path, and that includes Aaron Linde, the game’s lead narrative director.

“I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.” – Aaron Linde

Linde, who is also known as the writer of Battleborn, announced his resignation on Twitter without first looking back at all that Halo Infinite has accomplished: “Bittersweet news to report: I’m departing 343 Industries to pursue a new opportunity in 2022. It was a terrifically difficult decision; Halo Infinite will remain one of the proudest achievements of my career for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.”

Linde is also grateful for the work of his colleagues, and the love gamers have for Master Chief’s new adventure: “I want to thank my dear colleagues at 343 for making the best game I’ve ever worked on, our incredible voice cast for elevating our work in every single line delivery, and our players for joining us on this wild-ass journey. You made 2021 an incredibly special year for me.”

Source: Twitter

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