Xbox Series Consolidates Its Position InThe UK, Reaching One Million Units Sold

Official sources confirm the information, so it has taken thirteen months for Xbox Series to reach its first million consoles sold in the UK


Xbox Series, Microsoft’s next-generation console, has surpassed its first million console sales in the UK. GamesIndustry’s latest monthly report, provided by the GfK agency, brings this figure, which covers the period up to last December, forward. It has taken the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series family of consoles thirteen months to reach this milestone.

While Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console last December – it is currently the most popular platform in the UK – Xbox Series was the second best-selling platform in Christmas month, ahead of PlayStation 5. In particular, the combined Xbox X Series and Xbox Series S enjoyed a 108% increase in sales in December compared to November 2021.

PS5 also improved in December, but not by as much; specifically by 28% month-on-month. This is the second-best month for Sony’s new console, behind only its original release month, November 2020. It’s worth remembering that PlayStation 5 reached 1 million units in the UK last September 2021; three months earlier (or faster) than the Xbox Series and any previous PlayStation console.



In total, the UK managed to sell 560,000 consoles during the entire month of December 2021, despite the Xbox Series and PS5 not being seen in shops because they sell out online as soon as new stock is notified.

Stock shortages and supply chain issues, especially chip shortages, are hitting PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series especially hard. Both platforms are failing to meet demand. While Xbox boss Phil Spencer reported earlier this week that Xbox Series is selling at record speed for the brand, as no Xbox has ever sold as much in the same period, he does acknowledge that demand is unprecedented and supply is below what they are currently able to deliver.

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