Company Of Heroes 3’s New Video Shows The Building Destruction System In Action [VIDEO]

Relic’s strategy game Company of Heroes, the third instalment, recently surprised the audience by announcing a promising campaign mode.



The Company of Heroes series is one of the industry’s excellent references for strategy game lovers, and the third instalment takes it a step further by allowing you to become a World War II general for the first time. Relic Entertainment’s new RTS has released a short gameplay video of the pre-alpha version of the game, showing the terrain destruction system in action.

The video, shared by DSOG, shows a squad of infantrymen destroying a large building with a thorough job. You can see the building gradually taking damage as debris spills out of it, losing integrity until it finally becomes a pile of rubble. The game uses Essence Engine 5, the latest version of the engine developed by Relic.

The video shows the game in pre-alpha

Company of Heroes 3 takes us to the Mediterranean front in a campaign that promises to be a great new addition to the series, exploring new possibilities through a dynamic map. Relic continues to share its progress on the highly anticipated game in its development diaries, focusing on the community and its needs to move forward hand-in-hand with players.

Source: DSOG

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