Ghostface, Dreaded Killer From The Scream Movies, Will Be Among Us To Scare [VIDEO]

Ghostface, the iconic killer from the 1996 slasher film Scream, will collaborate with the popular game Innersloth.



This weekend saw the release of the new Scream – read our review here – the fifth instalment of the popular 1990s horror franchise, in which we travel back to Woodsboro to face a new killer hiding behind the mask of Ghostface. But the iconic and parodied slasher character will also appear in Among Us in a bloody new collaboration.

The cast of Scream also played Among Us

Innersloth’s title has had previous collaborations with characters like Arcane from Netflix’s League of Legends universe adaptation, Vi, Jinx and Heimerdinger, but none of them is as symbolic as Ghostface. There is no word yet on what the whole collaboration with Scream will include or when it is available in the game, though we’ve already got a sneak peek of the skin with the killer mask.

The horror franchise has always toyed with the notion of not knowing who the killer might be, a premise we all experienced in Among Us, and Paramount Pictures has ‘loaned’ the actors from the film. We can see Jack Quaid and Mason Gooding taking part in the game in a fun video.

Among Us is one of those games that is enjoying a second boom thanks to a late surge in popularity, and despite the passage of time, it is still maintaining high sales figures even in physical format. We also recently learned that the video game would be adapted for paper in the form of a manga adaptation for a Japanese magazine.

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