Splinter Cell Remake Is Still A Long Way Off: Ubisoft Hires Staff of All Kinds for Development

Ubisoft Toronto has publicly announced that they are looking for new employees for the project



The Splinter Cell remake is now a reality. Although gamers have been asking for a new title in the series for a long time, they will have to make do with the return of Sam Fisher to the new generation through a remake of the first instalment of the series, which will remain faithful but will innovate where necessary. The bad news? That, despite its official announcement, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while.

On 15 December, Ubisoft Toronto detailed what the project is about, noting that it is still in the early stages of development. Sadly, it looks like it’s a long way off, as the company is currently recruiting people of all profiles via the job listing on its website.



This does not surprise us, but the fact that a few days ago, Ubisoft loudly on social media that they are recruiting new employees might indicate that they have a more challenging time than they should be. In a message published on their official social networks, they urge those interested in embarking on the project, addressing candidates as if they were agents with trifocal glasses. Among the different offers listed on the portal, we find gameplay, engine, artificial intelligence and 3D programmers, as well as artists and animators.

As we said, all kinds of profiles for a project that does not seem to have given the go-ahead to its development. If it were to be spread out too far in time, it would be worth noting the wide time gap that would accumulate between two major releases in the franchise since Splinter Cell: Blacklist arrived in 2013. It will undoubtedly be more than a decade since the last game, whose review highlighted the excellent combination of action and stealth that was available to players.

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