Humankind Goes Sci-Fi With A New Official Mod [VIDEO]

The new Humankind mod can be downloaded free of charge now



Humankind arrived this August on PC with a solid proposal based on the well-known 4X strategy so characteristic of the Civilization saga. The creators of Endless Space brought fresh ideas to the formula, without altering the essence of the genre, positioning it as a worthy competitor to Sid Meier’s franchise.

This time, Amplitude wanted to add some interesting content based on their iconic franchise, with a collaboration between Humankind and the Endless series. They have done so through a free official mod that brings a new vision to the game. The mod comes with a new map set in Endless created by the game team together with Piotrek “PangolinAdvisor” Figarski, and based on the world of Auriga.

If we finish the game with the mod activated we will be able to unlock Horatio’s avatar for Humankind. This is the content you will find in the Endless mod:

  • 32 new narrative events set in the Endless universe.
  • 30 new illustrations
  • 2 civics
  • 2 technologies
  • 4 infrastructures
  • 1 curiosity
  • 1 district
  • 2 national projects
  • 1 artificial wonder


“In the Endless universe, Auriga is condemned to an icy death, with different factions fighting for survival and dominance on its surface. But what if humanity had developed on Auriga, and how would the story unfold in its geography, in a less fantastical version?”

Source: eseuro

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