The Elder Scrolls 6 Has Not Yet Begun Production, According To Bethesda Employee

A LinkedIn profile notes that Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production, while Starfield is in production



Bethesda’s workhorse for 2022 is undoubtedly Starfield, which is scheduled to arrive on PC and Xbox consoles on 11 November. Due to the merger with Microsoft, the game will not leave the Xbox ecosystem if Phil Spencer’s words are anything to go by, just as The Elder Scrolls VI seems to be a long way off.

In fact, there’s bad news this week for those eagerly awaiting the sixth numbered instalment of the Elder Scrolls saga. It seems that the title is still in pre-production, so it is only at a very early stage of development. This is what the LinkedIn profile of Fanny Manset, an employee of Bethesda itself, indicates.



In a job update posted earlier this month, Manset specifies that the company is in pre-production on The Elder Scrolls VI, while Starfield is in production: “Bethesda Game Studios is a leader in open-world games and is in production on Starfield, its first new universe in 25 years, and in pre-production on the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI.”

That Bethesda was fully focused on its new sci-fi franchise is something we already knew, but we were hoping for better news on the fantasy franchise, as its new instalment was announced in 2018. During the E3 conference on that occasion, the company only showed a brief teaser in which we could see the logo that has been confirmed so far.

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