Nintendo Switch, PS5 And Xbox Series Are Preparing For 2022 – But What Are Analysts Predicting?

TECH NEWS – Ampere Analysis has predicted the pace of console sales in a market characterised by manufacturing problems, yet the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series machines seem to be selling well.



2021 has followed a very unusual scenario in the first steps of the new generation of consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series have seen success after success in sales, surprising even manufacturer AMD. At the same time, console manufacturing problems were also marked last year, mainly due to semiconductor shortages.

The manufacturers themselves confirm that these problems will persist into 2022 and that it will only be in 2023 that the balance between supply and demand will be reached, although the situation should improve from the second half of the year. Therefore, we are facing an atypical scenario of average sales of new consoles, but Ampere Analysis analysts have already made their forecasts for this year.

Ampere’s research director Piers Harding-Rolls predicts a total of 18 million PS5s sold in 2022, compared to nine million of the Xbox Series family. Leading the way in hardware sales would be the Nintendo Switch, with the three current models together reaching 21 million consoles sold.

Ampere Analysis is betting on better availability

“It looks like the availability of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles is going to improve slowly over the year and our expectation is that Sony will outsell Microsoft two-to-one,” Harding-Rolls explained in a report shared by VGC, which we also reported on. The analyst is betting on a boom in demand for the new model, the Nintendo Switch OLED, as one of the reasons for the Nintendo Switch’s success.

Meanwhile, all three companies are celebrating success, with the Xbox Series having its best month ever in the UK, with sales of the console at their highest since its launch in 2020. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in the US in 2021, including the Christmas period. As for Sony, despite the shortage problems, it had no trouble beating PlayStation’s all-time sales figures.

Source: 3DJuegos, VGC

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