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MOVIE REVIEW – Let’s focus on the title first: The Hating Game. It could also have been called the ‘Heating game’ because it’s a strategic love game with powerful emotions. We know from Catullus (a not very productive, but much more a famous poet) that Hate and Love call fit even in a bit of heart. Just think back on the old time’s literature class: This poem has no rhymes, but these two opposite emotions are still valid for this movie, as the bonding (desire) is based on frustration and mutual attraction.


Lucy Hutton (real name: Lucy Hale) is a cute, charming (sometimes troubling) girl, a typical trainee from the secretarial office next door. She’s hard to digest, but her office mate Josh (real-life: Austin Stowell) is quite outspoken and often rude with her, even though he’s supposed to like her. It’s weird for me! If I like someone, I’m at least average with her, and I will be trolling only later on – also just in a small amount.

So there’s a vibrant workplace at a re-organised publisher company, where there’s a heart-to-heart fight between these candidates to reach the new position as a vice president. Should the literary department stay, or just smash it: as no one needs alternative art? Not that it’s such a shame for the latter, considering that our pretty lady has written a pretty boring book. Let’s be positive, but she should keep vlogging instead about Smurfs and Smurfette, but away from book writing! However, never forget the fact: ‘Defect can be sexy’. And she brings it!

Collagen Colleague


The romantic comedy The Hating Game doesn’t always stay realistic. Still, everyone can admit that dating in-house can be dangerous: even the HR department could be involved (as a hater one). Eva Max’s song title comes into my mind here – Sweet & Psycho. If you’re interested in knowing the solution, buy a ticket for this twist around the finger because we had a good laugh on the scenes. Obviously, every movie has a moral, but you need to overthink the situations – based on your previous experiences. This is the way the story can teach you. For example: play only nice and ethical games, don’t do it too dirty. It’s not a Game of Thrones, so don’t be so speculative or manipulative.

If we want to impress others, we have to dress up and draw some attention to ourselves. We have to be liked before giving serious compliments or other gestures! Nevertheless, if we are popular, we will be surrounded by many women’s aura, which somehow makes us look more valuable in the eyes of the woman we want to be with. And then we are not even peasants, so don’t really worry about it:)


Who is going where and to whom?


The motion picture is based on the best-selling book ‘The HatingGame’. In the first third of the story, it’s difficult to know whether the woman is just strategically trying to ‘get’ the man or whether she is really keen. In reality, perhaps, this sense of hate and love are not so common: ambitions for fulfilled love are powered by a sense of revenge. If you feel unloved by someone you need, you may be angry with him/her. As I write this, it may not be so rare after all.

In this story, one party always likes someone better. It is difficult to dictate a precise tempo that maintains harmony with inter-love balance when conflicts of interest is always a shadow over the trust. Is it just a sneaky manipulation or the sweet and savoury tricks to get each other’s love? Consider that a hierarchical dependency can never help work and personal relationships simultaneously. But here is a suggestion for men: either be very flexible or very charming. Being rude is not cool anymore.


‘Do the love game


The Director was Peter Hutchings, while Christina Menger scripted the story. Although I’ve never acted in a movie, the actors brought the emotions well to each other – we believed their feelings were real. The striptease scene, however, was not well balanced. It was just for the female audience to enjoy the sight. Okay, this is not a big deal. Male readers can also get their award with some Google searches. I am a professional reviewer, so you can trust me:) If I have to judge based on how I felt, I’ll give it a high score.

But for the more profound lessons, remember to make associations and continuously adapt to your own experiences. The reality is not (always) a Hollywood movie – so be careful. If you like someone, let’s use that energy as inspiration, stay diligent, and stay purpose-oriented. If we see that our ambitions are welcome, let’s be aware of our feelings, never let 3rd party people to confused us, and always remain consistent.

If we stick to this, we can make our own lives a Hollywood success story, where hate is unnecessary in a relationship. It doesn’t necessarily make the chemistry passionate. And for bonding, it is not worth destroying the other person’s brain from the inside because you could quickly be hated – although your original intention was just to be loved back. If chemistry doesn’t work, it’s not worth pushing physics either. Then focus on the following subjects: Literature, Sing (together), before starting the ‘body education lessons.



We all remember the well-known homework from class to see which translation of ‘Odi et Amo’s came out on top. I am not satisfied with any translations of it. Instead of I could go into details about our pretty literature teacher (and her uncountable homework), we’ve already exceeded the syllable count. Probably you have ever felt some ‘Stockholm’ syndrome too. Nevertheless, I never understood why writing my poems for grade A was never offered. Some struggles with creativity can make us more intelligent than before. Let’s take the challenge and test our maximum. This is my farewell to you today:


Odi et amo (Latin)

Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris.

Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.


C.H. Sisson (1967):

I hate, and I love. You may well ask why I do so.
I do not know, but I feel it and suffer.


Horace Gregory (1956):

I HATE and love. And if you ask me why,
I have no answer, but I
can feel my senses rooted in eternal torture.


Péter Jancsó

I’m a hater and a lover. Why? You may ask as well.

I can’t tell the answer. It’s just a feeling which makes me suffer.

                                                                                                                                Jay P. Sonix


The hating game

ACTING - 7.2
STORY - 6.7



The actors play the role very well, or they feel the role - we believe the latter. I found nothing wrong with the actors' performances, I think they really like each other. But for the more serious lessons, let's not forget to make associations and adapt to our own experiences, because reality is not (always) a Hollywood movie.

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