YouTube Channel Of BLUE BOX, Developers Of Abandoned, Has Been Hacked!

The channel’s followers are allegedly receiving messages on behalf of BLUE BOX Game Studios to scam money out of them.



Things seemed to be calm at BLUE BOX Game Studios, but the first announcement from Abandoned‘s developers in 2022 is not exactly good news.

This time, the studio issued a warning on its official Twitter account and reported a hack on its YouTube account. “Be aware: The BLUE BOX Game Studios YouTube channel was hacked. We have received emails from various people that they received emails to buy a ‘Pre-order’, please DO NOT open it and DO NOT transfer funds as it is not from us!”

Hacked studio warns of scam messages

Users reacted to the news in various ways, even questioning the veracity of the claims, prompting the studio to provide screenshots of the messages it was sending to the community. Users’ hostile reactions to the company have been ongoing for months, prompting the studio to denounce the threats.

The developer ended last year with the promise of releasing Prologue in the first quarter of 2022, as well as data on the high download numbers of its controversial launch app, which attracted 3 million players.

Source: Twitter

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