Abandoned Will Not Be An AAA Game, Set Your Expectations!

Hasan Kahraman, the head of Blue Box Game Studios, has broken the silence on Abandoned after a long time and has spoken out in a very serious way against the complainers.


Here’s his message from Twitter with fixed grammar and the like: “People need to calm down. The toxicity is creating a lot of pressure and stress. I get it. You are pissed, but we’re working hard to deliver something you can enjoy, and that takes time. Sorry, but it had to be said. PlayStation 5 users feel scammed because they got a five-second teaser, which I sincerely apologize for on behalf of myself and BLUE BOX. I can truly understand that, but many people out there are complaining but don’t have a PS5.

Next to that, for Abandoned, we use self-made content. Just because you saw the April teaser, it doesn’t mean that the whole game is an asset flip. Why do you think that it takes time to show something? It takes time because we want to offer something good. Something you can enjoy. Yes, we want to do our way of things, and sure we didn’t do it well, but we are working on it. And yes, I and BLUE BOX are indie, and you should not expect a AAA game. Set your expectations.

If you feel scammed or whatsoever, I sincerely apologize for that. That is not my intention, nor do I want any of this to happen. All I ask from everyone is just to relax, calm down and just wait. It’s coming, I promise but just wait. Enjoy life, play some cool games, watch a movie, spend time with your loved ones, do some workout. Sorry for this long message, but I felt like sharing this as the whole situation is just out of control,” Kahraman said.

So Abandoned, or whatever the name will be, might have indeed gone too far by having a Realtime Experience App. If it’s an indie title, why go the extra mile without any chance of backing up promises? The studio wrote on its blog that the app will be updated to provide a better user experience. It will bring a tech demo to showcase the audiovisuals and the DualSense. The prologue will arrive in the first quarter of 2022 (we wrote a potential release date, February 1) on PlayStation 5. The studio doesn’t want to repeat its previous mistakes (such as too early announcements and several delays…)

Source: JVL

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