Day One Patch For Dying Light 2 Will Contain More Than A Hundred Fixes And Improvements

Techland has asked the community to wait until launch day to enjoy Dying Light 2 in all its glory.



We’re close to finally getting a taste of one of this year’s most anticipated releases, Dying Light 2. If all is true, we’re just one day away from Dying Light 2 Stay Human, opening its post-apocalyptic world to players. With a combination of parkour mechanics, zombies and a decision system that is really important to the story, the community is eager to try the game, and it seems some have already got their hands on a copy.

The so-called “day one” patch, timed to coincide with the release, also addresses bugs that hindered the progress of the story

In light of this, Techland has already asked users to wait for the game’s official release before diving into the experience, as the day one patch will include over a hundred fixes. According to Eurogamer, this update will arrive on consoles “in the coming days”, while the PC version will get the new additions “in real-time”, and the developers assure that this content will significantly improve the gaming experience.

According to a list shared by Eurogamer, everything from graphical glitches to general crashes have been fixed in the title, although they have also focused on addressing some of the bugs that were preventing the adventure from progressing.

The game hasn’t even been released yet, and we already know that Dying Light 2 will be around for a while, as Techland has assured us that they will continue to support their game for at least the next five years.

Source: Eurogamer

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