The Informer: The First Teaser Trailer for the Spring Series [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – HBO MAX Original’s first Hungarian-produced series, The Whistleblower, will arrive on HBO MAX this spring. The 8-part series will be created and written by Bálint Szentgyörgyi and directed by Áron Mátyássy and Bence Miklauzic.


1985 Communist Hungary on the threshold of political change. Twenty-year-old Geri’s heart is full of excitement and anticipation; she moves to Budapest to study at the University of Economics. On the first day of her college life, she joins a group of democratic opposition youths who organise demonstrations against the communist regime. The group is led by Zsolt Száva, a charismatic young student who soon becomes Geri’s best friend. The life of a country boy is changed in an instant by beautiful girls, parties and political debates.

But Geri is hiding a serious secret. He is a State Security informer who has no choice: if she wants to keep her seriously ill brother alive, she needs a drug provided by the state…

The main roles of the series are played by talented young actors such as Gergely Váradi (Guerilla, Black Goat), Márton Patkós (Sunstar, Treasure), Júlia Szász (Seveled, Land of the Brave), Abigél Szőke (Those Who Remain), Benjámin Lengyel (Space Picnic, In Silence), Ádám Varga (The Teacher, Underworld, Stormcrows), Mariann Hermányi (Toxicoma), Richárd Borbély (Love at an Age, The Sample Fathers), Luca Márkus (An Annual Adventure, The Heirs of the Precious) and Gigi Vas Judit.  The experienced generation of artists are Szabolcs Thuróczy (Golden Life, Comrade Draculics), Pál Mácsai (Therapy), Tamás Ördög (director of the Papa Dollár’s Children theatre company), Csilla Radnay (Open), Szabolcs Hajdú (Ernelláék Farkasék), József Gyabronka (Lajkó – Gypsy in Space, Kincsem), Frigyes Funtek (Esmélés, Rendezvous in Budapest and Simon Szabó (Megdönteni Hajnal Tímeát).

Forrás: HBO Magyarország

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