The King Of Guitar Hero Has Been Revealed To Be A Huge Cheater! [VIDEO]

Schmooey became famous for his incredible feats in Guitar Hero, but it has recently been revealed that he has been fooling the public for a long time.



When the Guitar Hero franchise was in its golden age, our homes were filled overnight with tiny plastic guitars that, while they looked like child’s play, made us feel like rock stars as we tried to achieve the coveted perfect score. If you’re one of those who sweat blood while trying to press the keys to the rhythm of Through the Fire and Flames, this story may disappoint.

Anyone who manages to pull off something really bravura in a game will quickly become a hero. Such was the case with Schmooey, who was considered the best Guitar Hero player for years, and who has now been exposed by the community after a series of cheats were discovered in his videos.

Schmooey played a pre-recorded video in his live stream

Karl Jobst detailed in a long video the irregularities found in Schmooey’s videos. As pointed out by Kotaku, the player has been accused of lying on more than one occasion before, but nothing blatant enough to expose his lies. In December 2021, Schmooey performed a version of 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain in an awe-inspiring way, but a few savvy players noticed some discrepancies in the stream.

In some sections, Schmooey’s fingers did not touch the guitar keys played on the screen, which caused alarm, and there was a moment at the end of the video when Windows Media Player overlapped. It didn’t take long for him to be accused: he had faked the live performance via a pre-recorded video; Schmooey inevitably admitted to cheating.


Players found several frauds in his videos


After this first lie, players quickly scoured Schmooey’s Guitar Hero videos and found a multitude of frauds, from videos with cuts to songs played at a much slower tempo than the ones broadcast later. Eventually, Schmooey publicly apologized, deleted all of his videos, shut down his social media, and distanced himself from the community after returning thousands of dollars worth of rewards he had received over the years.

The saddest part of Schmooey’s story is that he’s an excellent player who has proven his skills on numerous occasions in live situations where he simply couldn’t cheat. As for the franchise, while not in the best shape, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has opened the door for many titles currently held in the drawer by Activision to be rescued. Phil Spencer himself reflected on some of the sagas to be brought back, pointing directly to Guitar Hero.

Source: Kotaku

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