Splatoon 3 Prepares For Its Sweaty Battle Against Salmonids With New Trailer [VIDEO]

The fun of Splatoon PVE returns in a new episode to get you back into the salmon hunting frenzy this summer.



One of the significant new additions to Splatoon’s brilliant second game was the Salmon Run mode, where players had to battle waves of salmonids as they set out to collect red caviar. The challenge wasn’t easy with the increasing difficulty of each wave, but it was so insanely fun that we still think back on it fondly to this day.

Watch the fresh trailer to see what the new version of salmon genocide will be like

Nintendo didn’t forget about Splatoon 3 at this year’s Direct, giving us a sneak peek at ‘Next Wave’, the new Salmon Run mode that will be featured in the third instalment. It also includes brand new features, such as the introduction of a never-before-seen giant salmon – or, as I call it, the Salmonzilla – which we get a glimpse of at the end of the trailer.

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