No Man’s Sky For Nintendo Switch: Trailer – Yes, Cloud Support – No [VIDEO]

Hello Games’ massive No Man’s Sky universe will soon be in the palm of your hand…



No Man’s Sky‘s popularity knows no bounds, so expanding the game’s “reach” to new platforms still makes sense five years after launch. Accordingly, Hello Games’ legendary exploration and survival game is coming to Nintendo Switch, as announced during the recent Direct show.

NMS probably needs no introduction: this sandbox game lets you explore the myriad planets of outer space aboard a spaceship. The romance of the offer lies in the open-ended nature of the universe and the fact that you can visit each world at your leisure. It may not have started off in the best way imaginable, but the updates have managed to turn the genre on its head.

No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this summer

Exploring alien races, NPCs and worlds of semi-original creation; keeping your ship in good shape and upgrading your tools – this kind of activity is the order of the day in a mammoth game that, oddly, doesn’t need to resort to the cloud to make it to the Big N’s hybrid console. But the developers say it’s a programming challenge that will take just two years to solve.

No Man’s Sky will be available for Nintendo Switch in the summer, at a date yet to be determined. You can see what it will look like in the attached video. If you don’t want to wait that long to play the game, you can also find it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S and Xbox Game Pass (both console and PC).

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