Techland Is Proud Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Decent sales, reasonable reviews: the Poles are happy with the initial results, but after nearly two years of postponement, they still have work to do on the second part of Dying Light.


Dawid Lubryka, the animation director at Techland, told GameReactor the following: “It feels great to release the game finally. Every one of us was waiting for this moment. We wanted the public, the audience, to play the game, to experience it. That’s one thing. The other thing is we are eager to have the wider audience’s opinion and know what we can still work on because that’s the promise we’re giving as Techland, that we offer five years of support for the game, at least five years, maybe longer. The same happened with the first edition.

We know that what we released we are proud of, but we know that we will keep working on it, and that’s how it is at Techland now. We’re not really at rest yet, even though we are exhausted, but we want to fix everything that we can. We’re getting some excellent feedback from people, what people like, what people dislike, and as we speak, the team is working on the improvements and the fixing. We have some shreds of data, we have some ideas of what we want to improve first, but it’s fresh. It’s been just the weekend, so we first need to improve the things we knew even before the launch we wanted to fix. Now that we have started gathering feedback, we have extensive knowledge of what should be next, and we are working on it.”

You can read our review of Dying Light 2: Stay Human here, and we’d like to add that the Polish team will want to prepare for some hard work ahead. On PlayStation 5, it won’t hurt to patch the game, as there are some glaring bugs related to the main missions that make Techland’s creation almost unplayable. And it’s not the best thing to spend 8-10 hours on a game and get stuck because of a bug!

We should also add that the first free Authority Pack DLC for Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now available, so slowly, this game will start to expand after its release.

Source: WCCFTech

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