Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Introduces New Character Classes

The adventure set in the early Final Fantasy universe will be available on 18 March.



Final Fantasy fans can look out for the release of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on 18 March. So far, we’ve been able to appreciate the specifics of its world and the action of its combat, as Square Enix wanted to showcase all the variety the game has to offer – now, for example, we’ve learned about some new character classes.

The Breaker, Tyrant and Void Knight are new classes in the franchise

These, now character classes, act as iconic elements of any RPG, allowing us to explore new fighting styles through a wide range of moves and weapons for each character. While already offering a fairly broad experience, Square Enix has sought to raise the level of role-playing by adding professions previously unknown to the franchise, the Breaker, the Void Knight and the Tyrant.

Each class has its own unique characteristics that can be used to your advantage in battle. On the one hand, the Tyrant will give you a significant advantage at the start of the fight by equipping your weapons with elemental magic powers to directly attack enemy weaknesses. Also, staying in the realm of magic, you will encounter the Void Knight, who defends against opponents’ magical moves and uses them to increase his MP or counterattack powerfully. Finally, players looking for a challenge can practice with the Breaker, requiring precise punches to kill opponents with lightning speed.

While most of the new additions to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin focus on action-packed combat, the developers have made sure to keep the RPG’s core gameplay intact. Team Ninja, however, hasn’t stuck to the classic tropes tooth and nail and instead has innovated with a plot that they warn will be shocking and emotionally poignant.

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