Elden Ring Epic Launch Trailer – The New Miyazaki RPG is Just Days Away [VIDEO]

The long-awaited, massive Japanese open world and soulslike adventure Elden Ring hits stores this Friday, February 25th

Elden Ring is one of those dreams that will soon, this Friday in particular, come true for all players. Up until this point, we’ve enjoyed (in some cases, repeatedly) the trailers released by From Software and soaked up all the information Miyazaki has shared. And now that we see Elden Ring on the horizon, the developer is raising expectations even higher with the launch trailer.

Following the usual trend of the game and the studio, this latest video promises an adventure of epic proportions. Exploring an open world full of detail and menace, scenarios taken from the great medieval epics, seemingly suicidal battles and glorious achievements… In short, everything you expect from From Software with an open-world setting.

While this trailer raises the expectations of a large part of the audience, it’s worth remembering an exciting fact: there are only a few days left until the release of Elden Ring. The most avid gamers can check the premiere date from the first minute, although we must remember that there are still a lot of spoilers on the net and it’s advisable to browse social media very carefully.

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