The Last of Us Director Reacted Dryly to a Player’s Criticism of Joel’s Character

Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to respond to a user in a spoiler controversy over the second episode.


Since its release, The Last of Us: Part II has generated a lot of controversy due to various criticisms from gamers about how Naughty Dog handled the sequel. These complaints have not affected the hundreds of award-winning work, but they seem to be starting to wear on the game’s director himself.

WARNING: This news contains SPOILERS for the second part, so if you haven’t played it and plan to, we suggest you read no further.

After reading several responses on social networks, Neil Druckmann couldn’t take it any further and decided to reply to a user who once again shared a critical image of Joel’s behaviour in the second part of the saga. This refers to the change of character, suggesting that the studio has changed the way that the protagonist was presented in the first The Last of Us.

According to the user’s post, in the first title, Joel was an experienced survivor who never trusted strangers and always acted with extreme caution in all situations. In the second part, Joel puts all that behind him by agreeing to go to an alien sanctuary, where the crucial event for the plot of the second part takes place.

Druckmann responded to this, moreover, with a gif that makes it clear that he’s had enough, assuring us that if Joel and Tommy hadn’t gone to the shelter, they would have been killed by the horde chasing them. Also, he remembers a stranger from the first game who Joel trusted, even sleeping not far from him and near Ellie. He refers to Henry, who protected his brother Sam from her.

It’s rare that Neil Druckmann gets into these debates that degenerate into trolling, so we assume he must be very fed up with some of the criticism if he ends up responding in such a dry tone. He’s currently working on other projects, one of the most notable being the HBO series The Last of Us, which sadly won’t arrive in 2022.

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