Uncharted Director Does Not Rule Out A Sequel; Reacts To Tom Holland’s Jak And Daxter Idea

MOVIE NEWS – Nathan Drake’s Uncharted movie adventure has been a huge box office success in several countries.



When it comes to movies and video games, the Uncharted movie was one of the most talked-about premieres of the month of February. But its director, Ruben Fleischer, also made headlines in the trade media for his desire to bring Jak and Daxter to the big screen. This has coincided with statements from Tom Holland, who plays Nathan Drake in the film, who has already said that he wouldn’t mind playing the lead role in Jak.

“Jak and Daxter takes place in a different world, and it has certainly very different characters…” – Ruben Fleischer

Now Fleischer has given us further insight into what the film adaptation could look like. As he said in an interview with CNET, reported by GameSpot, the director believes the two characters would be a good fit for a space opera-style film, a sub-genre of sci-fi in which stories are told in a futuristic, technological and sometimes even romantic way. “I’ve always wanted to do more of a space opera type film. Jak and Daxter takes place in a different world, and it has certainly very different characters than our human form,” explains Fleischer.

“So it would be a fun challenge, but similar to Uncharted what makes that game so special is the tone. And I think the buddy relationship is at the center of the game, so as long as you have the relationship and a great tone. While this incredible landscape isn’t cinematic per se, you can really create a cool visual world with that.” But Fleischer didn’t just give the interview to talk about Jak and Daxter, he’s also considering a sequel to the Uncharted movie, “but ultimately the audience will decide if they want to see more. That’ll come down to how much they like the film and whether or not they want to go see a sequel.”

In any case, it seems that audiences liked the theatrical release of Uncharted, as it did very well, especially in Europe. Moreover, Nathan Drake’s success on the big screen doesn’t end there, as the film was released in the US last week and has already become the biggest box office hit of the year.

Source: GameSpot

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