Elden Ring: Bandai Namco Apologises for the Game’s Performance Issues

There are serious problems.


Elden Ring is available today, but tests have been coming in early and have been almost unanimously positive. We’ve also praised FromSoftware’s action role-playing game for opening up the world compared to Dark Souls. Of course, an open-world requires a different kind of development, which is why there were some glaring bugs and technical problems with the new Soulsborne game. For these, Bandai Namco, the publisher, has apologised on behalf of the developers.

Bandai Namco wrote on their official website that they had experienced some problems at launch that were not fixed by the 1.02 patch, especially as it was only released for consoles for the time being. These include: mouse over-sensitivity in the PC version, a problem with the Easy Anti-Cheat anti-cheat system (if the user account name in Steam contains complex characters, the anti-cheat software won’t start), fps lag and other performance issues (until then, it’s recommended to update drivers if you haven’t already), save issues on PS5 (suggestion to exit properly: in-game menu > exit > PS5 main menu > options at game icon > close application). In general, the promise is that all of these bugs and headaches for users will be corrected in the future.

Below you can see a brief snippet of one of the main problems, fps lag and even lag on a serious PC configuration. Or basically turning Elden Ring into a slideshow. Hopefully, FromSoftware will fix these and similar problems as soon as possible!

Have you experienced technical problems? Does the game run well (if it runs at all)?

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