Martha Is Dead: The PlayStation-Specific Censorship Revealed

LKA and Wired Productions have only censored the Martha Is Dead horror game on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, so those playing on PC, Xbox Series or Xbox One may not realise what the game censored altogether.


It’s mainly about three scenes. Two of them have lost their interactivity, and a third has been completely cut on the two Sony consoles. You can watch a video of what is about to be discussed on VGC, but we didn’t have the chance to embed it, and anyone who doesn’t want to doesn’t have to watch what is about to be discussed in the following paragraphs. It should be stressed here that this will be a rather adult topic and therefore somewhat spoilering; reading the following paragraphs is at your own risk…

The face peeling scene is no longer interactive. The scene whereby Giulia cuts open Martha’s womb is no longer interactive. An option has been added to skip the censored scenes while playing. The disclaimer text at the start of the game has been updated. It is now more sensitive clearer and includes the warning of miscarriage references. The Safe In Our World message, which appears at the end providing a link where help can be found also appears after the disclaimer at the start on all platforms. Any mention of masturbation has been completely removed during The Church chapter as voiceover and text.

When you launch the Martha Is Dead game, you are given the option to play the more censored version or not. This option will also be available in the in-game menu. If we increase censorship, further changes will be made. The face peeling scene is skipped. The scene returns when Giulia is holding Martha’s skin. The womb cutting scene is also omitted. The direct miscarriage scene is skipped, too. The hanging scene is removed, and the camera has a blur effect when focusing on the baby.

We previously reported that Wired, the publisher, had sent out a statement letting the world know that the game would be censored only on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Sony has perhaps gone too far.

Source: VGC

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