Dying Light: Crossplay on PC, Steam, Epic and GoG Gamers Together in Co-Op

As for the second part, Techland didn’t give any more news about crossplay.


Although we’re already closing the last day, February brought us a lot of news in the form of video games. One of the most anticipated releases of the year was Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which was released earlier this month. However, it seems that the developers are still working on updating the first part of Dying Light, and so they are now adding cross-play on different PC platforms.

As shared by Epic Games via a press release, Epic Online Services’ solution will help Epic, Steam and GoG players meet in Dying Light. This will coincide with the title’s arrival in Epic Games stores, which in turn will land at a 60% discount for the Enhanced Edition and a 70% discount for the Platinum Edition.

As for the sequel, Techland has not yet given any further news on Dying Light 2 crossplay. According to the above information, console players can only play in co-operative mode with users of the same platform, as crossplay does not work between different generations of Xbox and PlayStation. At least until the developers release an update to put an end to this problem.

And that the developers have a lot of work ahead of them beyond polishing the details of their latest game. After all, they’ve already shared Dying Light 2’s roadmap for the coming months, along with the date for the first story DLC. Apart from that, Techland’s post-apocalyptic world hasn’t completely convinced us, as in our review we wrote that while the basics of the game are fun, the many bugs, mediocre story, and other poor game design decisions dragged the game down a bit.

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