Silent Hill’s Director Would Love To Make A Similar Horror Game!

Keiichiro Toyama, who now works at Bokeh Game Studio, has openly said that if he had the opportunity to develop a psychological horror game in the genre similar to the first Silent Hill after Slitterhead, he would grab it by its neck!


The studio we’re expecting Slitterhead from (it’s an action-adventure genre game, but we think they’re stretching the description a bit, as it should also feature horror elements from the team that consists of Silent Hill, (Forbidden) Siren and Gravity Rush devs) released the first part of a Q&A video over the weekend. The Japanese developers touched on several topics here, but one quote from Toyama is worth highlighting.

“I want someday to do something with some classic psychological horror themes like I did with Silent Hill. However, I’d rather do that when working with really limited resources, such as budget or focusing on one individual. Right now, we have staff with the ability to work on action,” Toyama said. It’s interesting to hear how he would handicap himself, perhaps because the first Silent Hill was also made under rather… restrained circumstances?

He added that he would divert his team’s skills in other directions later and create something more personal. On Slitterhead, he said it’s an amalgamation of his older experiences, so Silent Hill was somewhat involved. It’s just that because of the action-focused gameplay, he draws most of his inspiration from Gravity Rush (he worked on that after the Siren series). Will there be experimental DLCs, as we saw in Gravity Rush? Bokeh Game Studio would neither confirm nor deny, as they are now focusing on the base game (and that’s a good attitude because they’re not immediately thinking about how to stretch our wallets by the content they rip from the game, only to be sold later separately).

Slitterhead is in the pipeline (and it’s not known when it will be ready), and the return of Silent Hill is not very likely, despite the rumours.

Source: PSL

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